New color concept

Unique color worlds for bathrooms and living rooms

Zehnder enhances its leading position in radiator design with a completely redeveloped color system.

Zehnder radiators have always featured as design objects in a bespoke interior design; that is full of personality. The new Zehnder color system allows your customers to perfectly coordinate the color of their radiators with the latest interior design trends, seamlessly integrating them into any environment.

Future-oriented colors based on long-term interior design trends

What’s really special about it is that we tapped into the expertise of renowned Color Strategy Advisor Juliette Baumgartner in the concept development. Long-term trends in six areas – architecture, interior design, bathrooms, living spaces, surfaces and materials – were analysed and integrated into the concept, culminating in a future-oriented color palette. These color and lifestyle trends evolved into five Zehnder color worlds that are modern yet far from faddish.

Five color worlds with a unique array of inspiring colors

Each color world reflects current color and style trends against the backdrop of innovative architecture as a way of visualising the potential of creativity.

The sanctuary
The home is a place of rest and relaxation

The mystical home
A dimly lit space for personal rituals and wellness

Neo green
Reflections on the allure of a natural environment

Mother earth
Terracotta as a symbol of warmth and earthiness

Mono material concrete
The continuity of a space – raw, seamless, expressive

With these new colors, every customer is sure to find the perfect radiator to match their ambience

Colors are an expression of our personality: from our choice of clothing to our living environment. Colors allow customers to create their ideal individual space. Zehnder has recognised and responded to these new expectations and demands. This new color system offers customers all the options for perfectly integrating radiators into their vision of living and bathroom spaces. Five colors from the new color system can be ordered for the moment.

Advantages for your customers

  • Straightforward concept and structure of the color system
  • Simple selection of the right color match
  • Investment security: these colors will still reflect the latest trends in 10 years’ time
  • A variety of color options without being overwhelming

Your advantages

  • Competent advice on interior design trends in bathrooms and living rooms
  • Easy-to-communicate concept and coherent structure for the color system
  • Optimised integration of Zehnder radiators into your customers’ living and bathroom ambience
  • Improved financial performance through the sale of colored radiators