Indoor climate dashboard

The new digital platform for full interaction with your networked Zehnder products

The indoor climate dashboard gives you a comprehensive insight into your customers’ indoor climate systems and expands your digital service portfolio.

In the era of digitalisation, products and systems are becoming ever more intelligent. More and more products are being networked, including at Zehnder. For example, the new generation ComfoAir Q ventilation unit is already networked and can be controlled via the ComfoControl app. The same applies to the Zehnder Zenia bathroom radiator. However, following on from this first digitalisation step of the mobile app, our new solution goes far beyond the previous possibilities.

The indoor climate dashboard is a new digital, central platform for interacting with networked Zehnder products. The goal is an even more individually optimized indoor climate and the possibility of expanded digital services. From monitoring and remote diagnostics to service updates, maintenance intervals and function cycles – with the indoor climate dashboard, everything becomes transparent and controllable.

What sets the new Zehnder indoor climate dashboard apart from other networked climate systems?

The Zehnder indoor climate dashboard offers an up-to-date, dynamic design for use on both PCs and mobile devices. The dashboard is based on a flexible, web-based platform that enables the integration of multiple Zehnder products and sensors. If you are already working with the Zehnder ComfoControl app or the Zehnder ComfoConnect app with Connect Box, you can simply activate the Zehnder indoor climate dashboard for yourself, without purchasing additional components.

Another advantage is that the dashboard is backwards-compatible with all Zehnder ComfoAir Q units manufactuered since 2016.

Advantages for your customers

  • Improved indoor air quality and healthier living
  • Optimum monitoring and remote maintenance of the Zehnder indoor climate system by a specialist
  • Analysis and improvement of indoor air quality at any time of year using stored previous data
  • Reliability: if the system is no longer running smoothly, the specialist is notified via the dashboard
  • Rapid support from the specialist in the event of problems without travel times and costs

Advantages for you

  • Creating an offer to your customers of a digital service creating a closer connection
  • You have faster access to technical information
  • You can easily keep track of the products you have installed and registered
  • You get faster access to new features
  • You have access to analyses of the customer’s device based on previous data (only with their permission)
  • You can proactively notify your customers should indoor air quality deteriorate
  • You benefit from direct and fast contact with the Zehnder dashboard team
  • Through your feedback you can influence the development of our digital solutions

Check the indoor air quality at the customer's premises: with the indoor climate dashboard and the Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The quality of indoor air is essential for the indoor climate and personal health. But indoor air quality is not a constant – it changes throughout the day due to a variety of circumstances. But what values and factors actually define the air quality in a room?

Only continuous measurement of the indoor climate can reveal how the quality changes and how your customers influence the air quality through their behaviour. The sleek, stylish Netatmo Indoor Air Quality Monitor measures important factors such as CO₂, temperature and air humidity, which help create a healthy indoor environment. With the new indoor climate dashboard, you can directly retrieve and analyse the data from the Netatmo Indoor Air Quality Monitor and, for example, adjust the settings of the Zehnder ComfoAir Q comfort ventilation accordingly.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor: a special Zehnder discount promotion for end customers. And for you

To give your customers an insight into the indoor air quality in their own homes, we have a very special offer for them.

We have created a discount voucher which is available on the Zehnder campaigns website making it easy for visitors to request online. This voucher can be used to receive a discount of €20 off the regular purchase price of a Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor (€79.00 instead of €99.00). The campaign aims to increase end consumer awareness of the topic of indoor ventilation. Take advantage of this promotion for new sales: refer your customers to the Zehnder campaigns website with the discount promotion and plenty of interesting information on ventilation and healthy living.