#FreshAir, FreshMind

Why a healthy indoor climate is important

Our dynamic, Europe-wide #FreshAir, FreshMind campaign takes a humorous look at why a good and healthy indoor climate is so important.

Many homeowners are unaware of the benefits a ventilation system offers. This is why Zehnder has launched an advertising campaign for end consumers that illustrates these benefits in a fun and dynamic way, helping to raise awareness of a good indoor climate among consumers while also increasing demand for you as a specialist.

The campaign uses several short films and one longer film to show the positive results of a good indoor climate – for example, better concentration in the home office or for homeschooling. And that’s not forgetting its contribution towards a good night’s sleep, allowing you to wake up well-rested and ready to start the new day. Take a look for yourself!

The Fresh Air, Fresh Mind campaign is designed to give home and flat owners the best information and support during consultations on Zehnder indoor ventilation.

Advantages for you: We offer you the ideal ventilation system as a total package
– all from a single source. From the ventilation unit and air distribution to the elegant decorative grille, at Zehnder you will find everything you need for your project.

Fresh air for all: At Zehnder, we pull out all the stops to make that happen

This means offering the best and most innovative ventilation technology. Whether you need systems for residential or commercial buildings, we have the right solution for you and your customers.

Further information for your customers under: freshmind.zehnder-indoorclimatesolutions.com

Further information for you under: https://freshmindpro.zehnder-indoorclimatesolutions.com/

Advantages for your customers

  • Homeschooling / children’s room: Better concentration and better mood
  • Home office / workplace: Better concentration, more effective work
  • Living room / family: More energy and a better mood for the whole family
  • Bedrooms: Better sleep = more spring in your step

Advantages for you

  • Everything from one source: The ideal ventilation system in a total package
  • Decades of experience in ventilation technology
  • Outstanding quality: Awards such as the SKZ quality mark and passive house certification are proof of our quality – and your expertise
  • Premium service: First-class training courses and webinars on ventilation technology, example planning for ventilation systems, and more

What does a healthy indoor climate actually mean?

The quality of indoor air is essential for the ideal indoor climate and personal health.  But indoor air quality is not a constant – it changes throughout the day due to a variety of circumstances. But what values and factors actually define the air quality in a room?
Only continuous measurement of the indoor climate can reveal how the quality changes and how the air quality can be influenced and controlled through behavioural changes.
To give your customers an insight into the indoor air quality in their own homes, we have a very special offer for them.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor: A special Zehnder discount campaign for end customers. And for you

We have made a discount voucher available on the Zehnder campaigns website that visitors can easily request online. This voucher can be used to save prospective buyers 20% off the regular purchase price of a Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor from Netatmo. Netatmo is Europe’s market leader for smart home products. The sleek, stylish Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor measures four important factors that help create a healthy indoor climate.

The campaign aims to increase end consumer awareness of the topic of indoor ventilation. Take advantage of this promotion for new sales: Refer your customers to the Zehnder campaigns website with the discount promotion and plenty of interesting information on ventilation and healthy living.

Further videos about the #FreshAir, Fresh Mind campaign