Diverse Zehnder Zenia installations

In-wall installation, on-wall installation or integration into bathroom furniture

Zehnder Zenia: ultimate comfort heating that also gives you complete freedom in terms of planning and installation – as an in-wall or on-wall installation or integrated into bathroom furniture.

Zehnder Zenia not only provides the ultimate thermal comfort, Zehnder Zenia is a true all-rounder. It is an electric towel warmer, towel dryer, infrared radiator and boost heater in one – in the form of an integrated unit that perfectly blends into modern bathroom architecture thanks to its minimalist design.

Zehnder Zenia has been designed for all conventional installation situations and offers the ideal solution for any planning scenario, from mounting in common in-wall and stud frame installations to brickwork (solid constructions), and as an individual on-wall installation or with an outer case, right through to integration into bathroom furniture. That makes Zehnder Zenia extremely flexible and a great solution for new buildings as well as renovations.

Since it is protected against water spray (IP44 degree of protection), it can be installed directly next to the shower or bathtub.

Its low installation depth, measuring just 150 mm, ensures easy integration into in-wall, dry-wall and solid wall situations. An outer case for on-wall installation is available in addition to an in-wall installation option. A 230 V mains power supply provided by an electrician is all you need.

Zehnder Zenia integrated into burgbad furniture: For cosy warmth and a tidier bathroom

The exclusive cooperation between Zehnder and burgbad means it couldn’t be easier to integrate the thermal comfort unit into this unique furniture-based solution. In addition to the existing installation options for Zehnder Zenia, the thermal comfort unit can now also be integrated perfectly and concealed into the specially designed furniture in the SYS30 product line.

Zehnder Zenia merges with the bathroom cabinet from burgbad to create a new, self-contained piece of furniture, perfect in functionality and design.

Advantages for your customers

  • Aesthetically appealing solution for storing, drying and warming two large shower/bath towels
  • Hidden storage space for a tidier bathroom with the tall cabinet from burgbad above the Zehnder Zenia
  • Harmonious integration into any bathroom scenario thanks to the individual design options