Connectivity: Thermal comfort on demand

Zehnder's connectivity solutions turn any home into a smart home

Quickly heat up the bathroom, towel warming on demand? Or with a smartphone? Zehnder connectivity solutions make almost everything possible.

Zehnder's connectivity solutions turn your customers’ homes into smart homes – with a clear focus on ease of use and modularity.

What does Zehnder mean by connectivity?

More and more products are being networked nowadays. The smart home is becoming increasingly relevant, especially with new building sectors.

Users are looking for intelligent products that are compatible with each other and use the latest communication systems and smart controls. Zehnder has recognized this and is developing an open platform that enables interaction between the products, the web, the customer and you as a professional in a new and unique way. The first Zehnder solutions integrate seamlessly with existing smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, allowing your customers to enjoy a consistent user experience.

What is special about Zehnder connectivity solutions? A user experience and intelligent controls that always follow the same user logic. This makes Zehnder connectivity extremely user-friendly and convenient.

The modular concept also allows users to expand, replace or add new elements to the system at any time, depending on their current or future needs.

Advantages for your customers

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Personalization options with various control element options
  • Modern design
  • Performance optimization
  • Consistent operating logic and interface

Advantages for you

  • State-of-the-art smart home solutions in the portfolio
  • New sales potential through continuous integration of new modules
  • Increased expertise thanks to the latest technology products in the offering

Thermal comfort on demand

New: Activation of the ultimate thermal comfort of Zehnder Zenia by voice control.

Preheating the bathroom or towels from the comfort of your bed was already possible via the smartphone app of the Zehnder Zenia thermal comfort unit. In the future, more and more Zehnder products will be networked with even more convenient control – like voice command. In conjunction with the Zehnder ConnectBox, customers can activate Zehnder Zenia via voice control functions with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This increases the user-friendliness of Zehnder Zenia and makes this multifunctional solution even more attractive in terms of thermal comfort.

More at Zehnder Zenia

App as remote control function for electric radiators

We are constantly improving our products to provide our customers with a seamless user experience when operating our radiators. The already proven Zehnder Connect app allows the user to control the Zehnder Zenia thermal comfort unit, with other radiators to follow soon. The Zehnder Connect app can be used either via a Bluetooth connection to an individual product or within the Zehnder connectivity solutions with the Zehnder ConnectBox.

With the app for iOS and Android, electric radiators can be adjusted and controlled conveniently and precisely from a smartphone or tablet. For example, the customer can define weekly programs and, of course, switch the radiators on or off.

The Zehnder ConnectBox – an important element of connectivity

Let's say the customer wants to turn on their electric heating elements in two bathrooms via smartphone before coming home and turn them off when leaving. But they want to set a lower temperature in one bathroom than in the other. The Zehnder ConnectBox helps them with these and many other applications. The ConnectBox is, so to speak, the connecting gateway that enables communication between different radiators in different rooms and access via the Internet. Thanks to the Zehnder ConnectBox, all connected Zehnder radiators in the home can be coordinated and controlled with the app – a new level of comfort. The Zehnder ConnectBox is also used for voice control of Zehnder Zenia via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The ConnectBox should not be seen as a stand-alone product, but rather as an important part of the connectivity solution.

Electric heating elements with integrated control for electric bathroom radiators

Our new generation of electric heating elements (available from Q1/2022) offers unique ease of use combined with first-class design, advanced functionality and superior quality. The new generation of electric heating elements essentially consists of two products that use the same platform: one heating element with integrated control and one heating element without integrated control. However, both products can be controlled either via the Zehnder Connect app or via our new remote control.

For the electric heating element with integrated control, all basic functions such as changing the temperature or switching on a boost heater for a pre-programmed duration can be set on the heating element itself.

Additional functions are provided by using the app (via Bluetooth) or the separately available remote control.

The electric heating element is available in three different colours (white, black and grey) and has a modern design with LED matrix display. It has been developed mainly for users for whom simple operation on the electric heating element is sufficient and who do not attach importance to additional functions.

The electric heating element without integrated control can only be operated with the app or remote control. It is designed for users who want more functions and prefer to operate at a comfortable operating height on the smartphone or remote control. In addition, this version is available in all the colours of the Zehnder colour chart and turns every bathroom radiator into a colour-matched unit consisting of radiator and electric heating element.

New remote control

The new generation is designed for the basic functions used on a daily basis, such as “on/off”, “adjust temperature”, etc. The new remote control has a boost function with coupled duration and is easy to use thanks to its intuitive display. The ergonomic and high-quality design also ensures a high level of user-friendliness.