The partner programme for ventilation experts: Zehnder makes you fit for the future

AUFWIND not only makes your daily work easier – it is also the first partner programme on the market that focuses on the success of ventilation experts.

As one of the leading suppliers in the growing market for comfortable indoor ventilation, we have a clear goal: to make people's lives healthier, more comfortable and easier. We want to achieve this not only with our end customers – but our partners in the specialist trade should also benefit from this.

That's why we have developed the partner programme AUFWIND. It is the first partner programme that turns ventilation professionals into ventilation experts.

Everything for your business success plus free exclusive services

With AUFWIND, we offer you a partner programme with a wide range of services and individual offers that make your everyday work easier, more professional and therefore also more economically efficient. You can focus on your essential tasks and receive the best possible support from our experts as and when you need it.

What does this mean in concrete terms? AUFWIND offers everything for your business success, no matter whether you want to offer your customers faster quotations, more service or even better advice, whether you want to optimise your own business equipment or need advertising materials. AUFWIND partners also receive prioritized support in the Zehnder Service Portal and faster telephone support with a dedicated hotline for all enquiries.

Advantages for your customers

  • Your customers will receive even better advice from a highly competent ventilation expert
  • Your customers will get the ideal ventilation system thanks to your expertise
  • You can identify yourself as a ventilation expert and therefore give your customers confidence

Advantages for you

  • Prioritised support in the Zehnder Service Portal
  • Free premium hotline with call-back service
  • Exclusive, fast help with ventilation planning
  • Exclusive business equipment for partner companies
  • Partner advertising materials
  • Expert seminars
  • And much more besides

The partner levels

There are three partner levels in Zehnder's partner programme, which offer you and your specialist company different services depending on your needs: Zehnder Partner, Zehnder Plus Partner, Zehnder Exclusive Partner. To become a member or to move up a level within the partner programme, certain criteria and qualifications must be met. For details, please contact your sales representative.

"With AUFWIND we have experienced a new form of personal support at Zehnder. We always receive quick, unorthodox help. We have been using AUFWIND since 2019 and have already taken advantage of various services."

Christian Dümmer, Managing Director of Glüpker Lufttechnik GmbH

"With AUFWIND, Zehnder now offers us a special form of support. We especially like the fact that in the AUFWIND programme we don't have to enter cumbersome product numbers to have services made available to us; instead, Zehnder gives us the benefit of trust, which allows us to use the programme or services immediately."

Egbert Möllers, Möllers GmbH & Co KG

"The Zehnder partner programme offers practical services, such as layouts and guarantees, which we now receive within a very short time without the assistance of our sales representative. It really helps us in our day-to-day business."

Michele Testa, Testa Haus und Energietechnik

Get information now and become a ventilation expert!

Would you like to know more about the services offered or the criteria for the partner levels? Just talk to your sales representative – together we will find your optimal path into the future.