Zehnder Zenia

Ultimate comfort heating – now also on demand

Bathrooms place complex requirements on a comfortable indoor climate. This is where Zehnder Zenia makes for the perfect solution: ultimate comfort heating – now also on demand via voice control.

Modern, energy-efficient, low water temperature heating systems like underfloor heating are increasingly being used to achieve a basic level of heating and keep feet warm – but this is often not enough to create the most comfortable conditions. It is not suitable for drying and warming towels, nor for quickly providing extra warmth early in the morning or after showering.

Introducing Zehnder Zenia – a completely new and revolutionary thermal comfort unit. Zehnder Zenia is an electric towel warmer, towel dryer, infrared radiator and boost heater in one – in the form of an integrated unit that blends perfectly into modern bathroom architecture due to its minimalist design.

Diverse installation options and the ability to integrate Zehnder Zenia directly into bathroom furniture are additional plus points, including when it comes to customer consultations.

Thermal comfort on demand

Preheating the bathroom or towels from the comfort of your bed was already possible via the Zehnder Connect smartphone app. But with voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home, Zehnder is opening up a new chapter in ease of use. Voice control allows you to define different configurations (modes) that can be activated remotely with a simple voice command.

Advantages for your customers

  • Aesthetically pleasing storage, drying and warming of up to two large bath towels
  • Heat is available quickly due to integrated infrared radiator with connectible boost heater
  • Comfortable radiant heat, the ideal complement to underfloor heating
  • Perfect integration into modern bathroom designs and architecture
  • Convenient app operation made even more user-friendly with optional voice control
  • Ultra-modern, innovative, energy-efficient design product

Advantages for you

  • Presenting yourself as a competent partner with a product that boasts the latest technology
  • Enhancing your consulting expertise with a highly innovative solution