Zehnder Fina Lean Bar

The slim decorative radiator for bathrooms

Purism in its most beautiful form: the Zehnder Fina Lean Bar bathroom radiator for hot water and electric operation.

The Zehnder Fina Lean Bar bathroom radiator impresses with its flat front and slim design. With its clear, minimalist form, it fits in every modern bathroom. The towel rail incorporates cutting edge design  whilst providing wonderfully pre-warmed towels. 
Additional towels can be conveniently hung ensuring all the family have a dry and warm towel.

For example, an additional towel rail for children's towels can be installed further down - making the Zehnder Fina Lean Bar idea for all the family.
The radiator's large surface area provides pleasant radiant heat, while the flat design and the low water content allow the bathroom to heat up very quickly.
In electric operation, Zehnder Fina Lean Bar provides warm towels and comfortable warmth in the bathroom all year round, independently of the central heating system.

Zehnder Fina Lean Bar is available in almost any colour and finish from the Zehnder colour chart. Zehnder Fina Lean Bar is also well suited for operation with low water temperature heating systems.

Special advantages in electric operation

  • Electric operation provides warm towels and comfortable rooms all year round
  • Aesthetically appealing design thanks to concealed control box
  • User-friendly remote control, can be placed anywhere in the room (wall mounting or stand holder)
  • Wide range of setting options: Regulated room temperature or operation in economy or frost protection mode
  • Energy-efficient and convenient heating thanks to innovative "open window detection"
  • Energy saving thanks to compliance with the European eco-design standard
  • Low energy consumption of only 0.5 W or less in stand-by mode for increased energy efficiency
  • Convenient demand-based operation thanks to individual daily and weekly programme and timer function

Advantages for your customers

  • With its clear, minimalist form, Zehnder Fina Lean Bar integrates into any modern bathroom
  • Height-adjustable towel rail in chrome with a linear design
  • Additional towel rails are optionally available
  • Pleasant warmth thanks to high proportion of radiation
  • Easy and hygienic cleaning thanks to its flat front

Advantages for you

  • Operation on central heating system: easy to install thanks to 50 mm centre connections
  • Electric operation: comes with flying lead to connect in accordance with local electrical regulations for easy and quick installation