Zehnder ComfoFresh with Thermal Shield

The pre-insulated air distribution system for a perfect living climate

Perfectly tempered air where it is needed.

The pre-insulated air distribution system transports the air into living spaces with low temperature loss. Nicely cooled in the summer and pleasantly heated in the winter. For a perfect feel-good climate for your customers.

The new components allow variable air distribution perfectly tailored to construction projects

With the new pre-insulated air distribution system, Zehnder is taking another step towards innovative room climate solutions: In addition to transporting clean & fresh air, the new pre-insulated components also make it possible to bring pleasantly tempered air into living spaces. Zehnder is building on its decades of experience in the development and production of high-quality air distribution components.

The pre-insulated air distribution system includes Zehnder ComfoTube Therm ventilation tubes, which are optionally available as round or flat oval tubes.

The ingenious Zehnder ComfoFit Therm connectors are used wherever clever solutions for convertors are required: From round tube to flat oval tube, from vertical installation in the wall to horizontal installation in the floor, this allows air to be transferred from one strand to two strands or installation in tight radia. And all this without any loss of heat or cold air.

With the ComfoWell Therm modular connection system, which consists of an insulated attenuator as well as connection and extension modules, Zehnder creates the link between the ventilation unit and the air distribution network to the individual rooms.

In addition, there are special external grilles under the name Zehnder ComfoEdge Therm, e.g. a heated external wall grille for fresh air intake. This is used for frost-free operation.

And wherever a little more thermal output is needed, the new Zehnder ComfoGrid Therm heatable air outlets are used. These can be used either for ceiling or wall mounting.

However, not only tempered air distribution is provided, but also heat generation. The new indoor climate system solution Zehnder ComfoClime System represents an innovative system for heating, ventilation, cooling and hot water preparation.

The Zehnder ComfoTube Therm pre-insulated ventilation tube

The Zehnder ComfoTube Therm ventilation tube is seamlessly encased in a high-quality, elastic cellular rubber. Unlike conventional products, the components of the ComfoTube Therm are not glued together. The cellular rubber encloses the ventilation pipe precisely without bonding and forms an airtight unit, so that no thermal bridges or condensate can occur. As a result, the insulating material retains its flexibility – ensuring quick and easy installation. Zehnder ComfoTube Therm is supplied ready for installation and can be installed directly. Perfect hygiene is also ensured: For example, all of the pre-insulated ventilation tubes are fitted with a smooth Clinside inner skin.

The Zehnder ComfoFit Therm connectors

The ventilation tube can simply be inserted into the fully insulated connectors, which are made of Zehnder ComfoFit Therm EPP plastic. No fixing slider is required for fastening on the connector. The ventilation tube is held in place in the Zehnder ComfoFit Therm connectors by retaining grooves which, in combination with an O-ring resting against the ventilation tube, guarantee an airtight seal and a firm hold.

The Zehnder ComfoWell Therm insulated connection modules

Especially versatile: The Zehnder ComfoWell Therm pre-insulated attenuator and distributor combinations theoretically allow any number of connections. In addition, the clever Zehnder ComfoWell Therm extension modules create great flexibility, e.g. when overcoming obstacles such as ceiling beams. 

Advantages for your customers

  • Perfect living climate thanks to low temperature loss when transporting temperature-controlled air into living spaces
  • Energy-saving when heating and cooling
  • Durable air distribution system thanks to non-corrosive and heat-resistant material
  • Low heat and cold loss for lasting comfort and healthy living
  • Optimal living comfort including in the bedroom thanks to extremely quiet air flow
  • Frost protection thanks to heated external wall grille

Advantages for you

  • High flexibility and ease of installation of the entire air distribution system
  • Modular design of ComfoWell Therm for various connection options
  • Delivery of ComfoTube Therm ready for installation: no subsequent insulation
  • Easy cleaning of ComoTube Therm thanks to smooth inside surface