Zehnder ComfoClime System

The indoor climate system solution for all purposes: heating, ventilation, cooling and hot water

Zehnder ComfoClime System – heating, ventilation, cooling and hot water with the Zehnder indoor climate system solution – specifically for prefabricated and low-energy houses.

Whether for a modern prefabricated home or individually planned low-energy house: in building services, ventilation systems with integrated heat and cold generation are increasingly in demand. The innovative indoor climate system solution from Zehnder offers a perfectly coordinated all-in-one system – heating, ventilation, cooling and domestic hot water preparation all from a single source.

The sophisticated combination of the Zehnder ComfoClime Q air-to-air heat pump, the Zehnder ComfoAir Q 450 ERV ventilation unit, the pre-insulated Zehnder ComfoFresh air distribution system with Thermal Shield and a high-quality Zehnder ComfoHeat HRV 300 hot water heat pump not only meets the highest of quality standards and energy efficiency, but also ensures a new quality of healthy living and comfort throughout the home.

The indoor climate system solution from Zehnder: maximum energy efficiency and very high air quality

A system in which innovative components interlock: the popular Zehnder ComfoAir Q ventilation unit takes care of the continuous fresh air supply. Pollutants are filtered from the outside air and the effective enthalpy exchanger ensures pleasant humidity recovery and heat recovery of up to 90%.

The new Zehnder ComfoClime Q air-to-air heat pump maintains the desired temperature of the supply air for living spaces: either cosily warm in winter or pleasantly cool in summer. Finally, the high-quality, pre-insulated Zehnder ComfoFresh air distribution system with Thermal Shield transports fresh air into living spaces without losing important thermal energy and hygienically removes stale air.

The new pre-insulated Zehnder ComfoFresh air distribution system with Thermal Shield

The Zehnder ComfoClime System indoor climate system solution makes radiators or underfloor heating a thing of the past. This is because the heat is not transferred via the heating water circuit, but quite simply via the air. The new pre-insulated Zehnder ComfoFresh air distribution system with Thermal Shield brings temperature-controlled and purified fresh air to every corner of the house – with the lowest possible temperature loss.

The new pre-insulated Zehnder ComfoFresh air distribution system with Thermal Shield is a direct result of the indoor climate specialist's many years of tried and tested expertise in air distribution, and impresses with a concept that is unique on the market to date. Pre-insulated components reduce energy losses to a minimum and prevent the formation of condensate. The air distribution system can be individually assembled and consists of a wide range of products:

  • The Zehnder ComfoTube Therm ventilation tubes are optionally available as round or flat oval tubes.
  • Sophisticated Zehnder ComfoFit Therm connectors are used wherever clever solutions for convertors are required
  • The Zehnder ComfoWell Therm connection system consists of an insulated attenuator and connection and extension modules. They form the link between the ventilation unit and the air distribution network to the individual rooms
  • Heated external wall grilles, such as Zehnder ComfoEdge Therm for frost-free operation
  • Zehnder ComfoGrid Therm heated air outlets are used when a little more thermal output is required

Tailor-made, flexible operating concept

Domestic hot water preparation is provided by the Zehnder ComfoHeat DHW 300 hot water heat pump, which is matched to the overall system and controlled centrally together with all the other components via the intelligent Zehnder ComfoLogic control system technology. Zehnder ComfoLogic ensures perfect interaction between all system components, either in automatic or manual mode. The customised operating concept offers the user the option of simple control via tablet or app.

Safe installation and maintenance only by you - the professionals

With the indoor climate system solution, Zehnder ensures that installation and maintenance remain with the specialists. This means that your company not only distinguishes itself through unique state-of-the-art technology – you also offer your customers a significantly more attractive solution compared to conventional individual components. Your customer receives everything from a single source – which is more reliable and significantly more affordable. At the same time, the modular design allows you to react flexibly to any building project. Take advantage of this package as part of your consultation.

Advantages for your customers

  • Ideal for modern prefabricated and low-energy houses
  • Certified healthy living by the Sentinel Haus Institut
  • Unique combination of heating, ventilation, cooling, hygienic air filtration, humidification and dehumidification as well as domestic hot water preparation
  • Particularly energy-efficient in operation and affordable to install and maintain

Advantages for you

  • Increased revenue, as installation and maintenance remain with you
  • With Zehnder you always have a strong partner at your side
  • You distinguish yourself with high-quality, trend-setting technology
  • All-in-one solution: a complete system for heating, ventilation, cooling and hot water
  • Convenient and flexible installation thanks to installation-optimised, modular components
  • Installation-safe, pre-insulated, newly developed air distribution system