Zehnder ComfoAir 225

The comfort ventilation unit for more efficiency and flexibility in apartments

The Zehnder ComfoAir 225 central comfort ventilation unit combines maximum indoor air comfort with high energy efficiency and is flexible to install.

Zehnder ComfoAir 225 has been specially designed for new buildings and apartment renovations. The innovative comfort ventilation unit is extremely installation friendly. Zehnder ComfoAir 225 is suitable both for vertical wall assembly and for horizontal installation under a suspended ceiling. Zehnder ComfoAir 225 impresses with its high energy efficiency. DC motors guarantee power-saving operation and allow for low power consumption.

The ventilation unit also has a cross-counterflow heat exchanger, which ensures heat recovery of up to 93%. As a result, valuable heating energy can be saved. The ISO Coarse ≥ 65% (G4) / ISO ePM1 ≥ 55% (F7) class filters in serial production ensure maximum hygiene and fresh air, and can easily be replaced by the user. The unit can be operated easily and intuitively via a "Zehnder ComfoSense" control unit located in the living area. This operating convenience can be extended by a wireless remote control and sensor technology for the demand-oriented air supply. Zehnder ComfoAir 225 is compatible with all components of the Zehnder system world.

Maximum living comfort and an optimal feel-good climate, whether in summer or in winter

During summer nights and between the seasons during periods of strong sunlight, the living room often becomes too warm, while the outside air is pleasantly cool. In this case, the cooler outside air is supplied to the air distribution system, bypassing the heat recovery system. The Zehnder ComfoAir 225 ventilation unit is equipped with an automatic bypass for just this purpose. The bypass is a standard component and takes 100% of the extract air past the heat exchanger.

The integrated electrical pre-heater also guarantees continuous, frost-free operation even at temperatures below freezing.

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Advantages for your customers

  • Maximum indoor air comfort and healthy living in renovation and residential construction
  • Easy to operate
  • High energy efficiency thanks to heat recovery of up to 93%
  • Optimum hygiene and fresh air thanks to standard fine dust filter

Advantages for you

  • Ideal for renovation and new buildings
  • Reliable installation: vertical wall assembly and horizontal installation on the ceiling are possible
  • Easy maintenance and servicing thanks to easy access to all components
  • Time-controlled maintenance display for unit filter