Floor bracket HDS

For mounting Zehnder Charleston decorative radiators in accordance with VDI Directive 6036

The floor bracket for mounting the Zehnder Charleston directly on the floor in buildings with high load-bearing requirements.

In public buildings such as schools, radiators are often subject to high mounting requirements with regard to load-bearing capacity. This is exactly what the HDS floor bracket for Zehnder Charleston is made for.

Mounting is as easy as you would expect from Zehnder: The Zehnder decorative radiator is easy to install thanks to two height-adjustable fixing pieces. Regardless of whether the radiator is to be installed on a unfinished or finished floor – the floor bracket is available in various heights and its height can also be easily adjusted on site by shortening it to fit the respective floor conditions.

Compared to the standard floor bracket type STF for the Zehnder Charleston decorative radiator, the pipe dimension and the fixing pieces are much stronger in the heavy-duty version.

The product ensures safety for its users, e.g. the school pupils. This means that several people can sit on the Zehnder decorative radiator without hesitation – it will remain in its position.

The Zehnder Charleston HDS floor bracket meets all the requirements for a radiator mounting for use in buildings with high requirements, in accordance with VDI Directive 6036, requirement class 3.

Advantages for your customers

  • Safety: Fulfils VDI Directive 6036, Mounting radiators with high requirements
  • Fast, straightforward mounting in areas where wall mounting is not possible (e.g. in front of glass facades)
  • Maximum stability, even when several people sit on the radiator

Advantages for you

  • The radiator is easy to install thanks to two height-adjustable fixing pieces
  • The height of the floor bracket can be adjusted to the floor conditions on site by shortening it