Climate Switch® by Zehnder

The best indoor climate - automatically in every season

Temperature extremes place high demands on ventilation units. Climate Switch® by Zehnder offers your customers a uniform comfortable indoor climate all year round.

Increasingly, the outdoor air is extremely hot and humid in summer and very cold and dry in winter. Even in the interim seasons (spring, autumn), the outdoor temperature and air humidity can vary greatly.

For a ventilation system to provide a comfortable indoor environment, these differences in temperature and air humidity must be moved to a comfortable range.

Climate Switch®by Zehnder is the solution: The Climate Switch® technologies compensate for these differences. Your customers enjoy a comfortable temperature and air humidity in their homes all year round – and best of all, they don't have to worry about anything.

What technologies are used in Climate Switch® by Zehnder?

Zehnder ventilation systems have several adaptive climate technology mechanisms, which respond to the changing influences of the seasons so they can offer fresh air with the most stable indoor climate possible all year round.

Seasonal detection:
The current season is detected based on the outdoor temperature of the last five days.

Adaptive comfort technology:
Easy adjustment of the desired room temperature depending on the current season. This increases comfort and reduces energy consumption.

Modulating bypass:
The intelligent control system detects the season and switches between cold recovery, heat recovery or direct fresh air supply.

Sensor ventilation passive temperature:
In summer, the air volume is increased if passive cooling is possible through the modulating bypass.

Sensor ventilation humidity comfort:
The increase of the air humidity indoors is calculated by the average increase of the last few hours, so it is not based on a current, fixed relative air humidity. Advantage: This ensures that the system adapts to the changing air humidity in the different seasons.

Supporting Zehnder systems

Maximum living comfort thanks to active temperature control and dehumidification of the outdoor air.

Cooling and dehumidification of filtered air via HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation).

Renewable energy from the ground for maximum comfort and high efficiency in winter and passive cooling in summer.

Supporting Zehnder air distribution components:
ComfoTube ducts
ComfoValve Luna valves
ComfoWell insulated junction boxes

How does Climate Switch® work?

Advantages for your customers

  • A consistently pleasant and healthy indoor climate all year round
  • Automatic control: Pleasantly cool fresh air in summer and warm fresh air in winter. The customer does not have to worry about this
  • Reduced energy costs: The temperature of the extract air is used to influence the temperature of the fresh air
  • Continuous fresh filtered air: Unhealthy particles are immediately filtered out of the outdoor air, and the air humidity is brought into balance

Advantages for you

  • Simple, understandable concept for advising on indoor climate systems
  • The topics of climate change and healthy living have never been more controversial
  • Existing Zehnder solutions are bundled under Climate Switch® by Zehnder
  • Promising appeal to end-consumers
  • The modulating bypass in this form is only available from Zehnder